HEB Diaper Drive!!!!

I am about to head up to HEB at Four Points for the kick off of a week long diaper drive that they are doing for us. This is really cool - apparently, Charles Butt, the son of the founder, Howard Butt, and current CEO, heard our story on the news and wanted to help out. He personally set the wheels in motion to make this happen.
The drive is starting today and will continue until next Friday. HEB is going to match all donations and is planning on making a surprise donation at the close of the diaper drive!! Diapers are probably the one item that we need more than anything as it will be an on-going need for several years. We are so grateful to the HEB family for making this happen!!!!

Check the website for other details!

God Bless,


Tori :) said...

What a blessing! I wish I was closer so I could run by HEB.

Cristy said...

VERY COOL! As a mom of 4 (2 singletons and a set of twins) I say you can never have enough diapers.

Is there any specific brand that HEB is matching? Do we have to buy you HEB brand so that HEB will match it?

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