There's a New Superhero in Town...

Fair warning to the ladies reading this blog: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING BLOG!!! I'm serious about this, don't read it. If you love Casey and want to continue loving her, stop reading, close your webserver, and walk away. I promise reading the update below will definitely change the way you feel about her so please, please do not continue reading past this point!!

Now that we've gotten the fair warning out of the way, here goes. We've apparently got a new superhero in town and her name is Casey the Elasti-Girl. She can stretch her body to amazing lengths and pack on pounds like an NFL lineman in the off season all while nurturing five babies to good health inside her womb! Now that the babies have been born, we've discovered her new talents: snapping her skin back to its pre-pregnancy condition and dropping pounds like a beauty queen before the pageant!!

Ok, seriously, she weighed herself this morning and discovered that she had already lost 64 pounds. 64 pounds gone in just two weeks! For those of you keeping score at home, that's 64 pounds gone out of the 72 that she gained while pregnant!!! I know, I know...it's disgusting (unless you happen to be her husband!) and if you ignored my warnings you are probably plotting her demise at this very moment. You should have heeded my advice and just walked away, but you had to keep reading, didn't you? Please, don't hate her...!!

P.S. In all seriousness, part of the reason she lost the weight so quickly is that she lost a lot of muscle while she was on bedrest. We didn't discover this until all of the swelling had subsided, but it is clear that her arms and legs are not near as muscular as they were before she got pregnant. She was actually in the best shape of her life when the pregnancy began. She is excited to get back in shape as soon as she is able...Go Elasti-Girl, GO!!

God bless,


Me and my Gurl said...

Alright Casey,
You go girl....... Your are a new hero. A mom! LOLOLOL

Keep up the great work and again congratulations on your beautiful additions.

God is So So Good to Us.

Sonja - Fl

Tori :) said...

I was already disgusted with her when:
1) I discovered that she weighed 115 when she got pregnant.
2) I never saw a single stretchmark.

So NOT FAIR. She is not human. ;)

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