Perspective...Quick Note

Several have asked why Jack and Brooklyn can't be held together so I thought I'd clarify. The only reason is that Britton's bed is between theirs and the cords that they remain tethered to will not reach far enough for them to be held together. The unfortunate thing about holding a baby in the NICU is that they are hooked up to a feeding tube, a heart monitor, a temperature monitor, a C-Pap or other breathing device, or any number of other little cords and tubes at any given time. Because of this they can't venture too far from their little incubators.

God Bless,


Melissa said...

Love hearing about the babies. How far along did Casey get??? Kuddos to her loosing all that weight!!!! I had a baby girl at 24 weeks, so I know some of what you all are going through but couldn't imagine being there with 5!!!! Congrats!! They are adorable!!!

gilloth/Edina said...

thank you much for clearing this :)
Wishing you all continue to be well! :) He will keep you.

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