Baby Bright Eyes is Coming Home!!

Yeah...Britton is coming home on Saturday!!!! We are so excited to finally have the fab five together under our roof!! Hopefully this is one of the last pictures of our little spa girl getting the royal treatment in the NICU... :)
She is still working through the reflux and having some trouble feeds, but she has shown some improvement since her Prevacid dosage was doubled. Hopefully by the time Saturday rolls around she will have ended her battles with the bottle. However, if she has not done so, she is still coming home with us after we get trained on how to insert a feeding tube in case we are not able to feed her a full amount on a consistent basis. Feeding tube or not, we are really excited to have our baby girl home with her sisters and brother!! Please continue to pray that she will respond to the medication and outgrow this little issue sooner than later!!

God Bless,


Amos2526 said...


Have a great day.


Pleiadian Peace Plan said...

Wow! Finally! Congratulations Ethan, Casey, Eliot and Fab Five! Been following your story since shortly before the birth of the quints and I'm so happy for you that Britton is finally coming home.

Will continue to wish the best for all of you!


Kylie said...

How exciting! I can only imagine how much you are both looking forward to having all of your children home with you. Praying that Britton's reflux sorts itself out soon.

Angelsong said...

Hurrah!!! Having Britton home will make Mother's Day AND Father's Day extra special. I am praying for her, and for all of you.

ellegirl said...

Yay Britton!!! What a cute pic!!! Praying she won't need that feeding tube! Reflux is tough! Both my boys had it.

Tori :) said...

That is WONDERFUL news!!! I am so stoked for y'all!

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