Baby Names

We started our baby name list shortly after finding out we were expecting quintuplets. We figured since we needed 10 names we better get started early! It is funny how things worked out because we decided right away on 1 boy name and had several girl names we both really liked. Everyone asks how we decided so quickly on so many names, but it was actually pretty easy!!! :-)

Here is the final list...

1. Jack William a.k.a. "Big Bad Jack"
2. Ryan Elizabeth
3. Britton Grace
4. Lila Addison
5. Brooklyn Faith


Tori :) said...

I think those are super cute!! And I love how you aren't trying to make them all different versions of the same name or starting all with the same letter. My husband's twins are named Kelsea and Karlea & they both have their mom's maiden name for their middle name. Beautiful girls, lame matching names. ;)
When will you know if you will be on the TLC show?

Sweety Cassidy said...

I just found your blog via taylor photography.
quints its rare but you are not alone, many moms of quins have a blog include 3 texan, contact them if you have questions
Wilkinson 15mth
Howell 4mth
and Phillips born...this week-end at 33weeks

Laurie G said...

I love the babies' names! I am really impressed how quickly ya'll came up with such great names. Also, I love the new pictures posted on "Weekly Pictures." The ones with Eliot are adorable and Casey and Ethan...these pictures are so sweet!

Michelle said...

Hi Casey, sounds like you guys had your hands full but as Ethan said good practice.

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